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    We are outdoor enthusiasts and world travelers. We realized that just about any activity that we truly enjoyed required fresh water to be at hand but that just added to the number of things that we had to carry and we needed a hands-free solution. We searched the market but the few options that we found were either too big and bulky or too small and lacking in flexibility.

    Frustrated, we started a wish list with “If only there was something that met our needs for mobility, hydration, and organization.” Luckily, we also happen to be entrepreneurs, professionals, designers, and artists. A few conversations with colleagues and fellow travelers convinced us that we were onto something.


    The first product ideas included features to carry the most important things needed while on the go - much like a Kangaroo carries its most important possession in its pouch. And then we built a company – and called it KangaLifeTM, of course.

    KangaLifeTM offers a full-range of versatile lifestyle products including bags, bottles, and tap water filtration to satisfy the continuously growing need for mobility, hydration, and organization with an emphasis on travel and fitness. Like you, we walk, we run, we hike, we bike, we trek, and we commute - sometimes across town and sometimes to the other side of the world. We all share the same basic needs and we're proud to create and offer products that promote a healthy active lifestyle for everyone.